SharePoint Blog Comments Alert

I was asked recently how to setup an alert on a SharePoint blog so that the author of the blog would be notified when someone made a comment. Here is the solution, built with a SharePoint Designer workflow.

Before we begin, I’ll give a quick explanation of how the SharePoint blog is structured. SharePoint uses two lists to implement blogs and comments.

  • Posts contains the blog post with details including the blog post text, author, date, number of comments and number of likes
  • Comments contains the comment and is linked back to the Posts list via a lookup column

Building the workflow:

In SharePoint Designer, create a new Workflow on the Comments list in the blog site. Configure the workflow to run when a new item is created.

  1. Create a workflow variable to store the Created By column of the blog post associated with the comment. This is done using a lookup field.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.17.34 pm.png

2. Create an email using the variable created in step 1 in the “To” field of the Workflow email template. You can also enter the name of the blog post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.21.08 pm.png

That’s it! Now anytime someone makes a comment on the blog, the author of the blog will receive an email notification.

This solution will work for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online.




  1. Hi Steve. Really a useful article. However, how do you find that “Post id” dropdown value? In my SharePoint Designer 2013 it’s not present out of the box. Ever heard of that case?

    • Hi Soren, I just checked on SharePoint Online and the link between Comment and Posts is via the ‘Post Title’ field in the Comments list. Because this field is a lookup, it actually returns the ID of the Post the Comment is linked to. Try replacing ‘Post Id’ with ‘Post Title’ in the workflow step above.

      • Thanks a lot, Steve! Your suggestion works perfectly in SharePoint Online (apologies for not mentioning the target platform in the first place) and I am going to implement this on more sites now, as I simply cannot get my users to set up alerts themselves. Thanks again!

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